Why hiring a professional painter matters

So you saw a great color on Pinterest or your friend’s Facebook feed. Or maybe you fell in love with a texture treatment at a local eatery. The temptation to run down to your local discount store, grab some paint, search a YouTube video, and start painting is real. It’s also a trap. Do it yourself painting can lead to a lot of heartache, wasted time, and wasted money. Hiring a professional painter can save you a lot of frustration. These are our top 5 reasons you should hire a professional painter.

Quality Application

Our top reason is quality. Professional painters have the training and experience to deal with all the things YouTube and Pinterest don’t tell you. Professionals don’t just cover a surface in paint, they know exactly how to smooth out every brushstroke, and cut in all those corners and edges so everything is smooth and polished. With a professional painter, you don’t have to worry about paint where it doesn’t belong or uneven applications. With a professional you get a magazine-worthy result instead of a Pinterest fail.

Paint Knowledge

Paint is a deceptive term. There are huge differences in paint types and even what tools and techniques are required for each paint to be properly applied. Professional painters understand the difference in what paint type works best for what application and which paints will last the longest and result in the best look. 

Got toddlers so you need to clean walls frequently?  A professional painter will know which paint really holds up to that abuse.  Is part of your room always in bright sunlight? A professional painter will understand what paint is needed to stand up to the UV assault so you don’t have a room that is half faded over time.


Professional painters use their experience, professional tools, and skill to complete your project much more efficiently than you could do yourself. Plus, professional painters can bring a team to further speed up the process. Add in the time savings of them doing their own cleanup and the time savings really stack up.  Let the pros do the work so you don’t have to take off work yourself or spend multiple weekends trying to paint one room instead of enjoying your time off.

Insurance & Safety

It may sound like a little thing but painting professionals understand ladder safety. Ladders. Just the word is enough to make insurance professionals cringe. Every year there are around 164,000 emergency room visits due to ladder injuries and over 300 deaths. Not only is it safer for you to hire a professional painter to handle your indoor and outdoor painting needs, a professional painter carries insurance to protect not only themselves but also your property.  

Beyond personal risk, there are a lot of things that can go wrong for your property when painting.  Prep work to exterior surfaces can often involve power washing, which if done improperly, can damage your home’s surfaces or even break windows.  When working around the electrical connections to your home there are risks of personal injury and fire. The list of possible disasters is long and serious. Hiring professional painters who know how to use their equipment properly and are familiar with the risks minimizes the chance of injury and damage. But should something go wrong, you can rest easy knowing that a professional painter has insurance to cover themselves and your property. However, if you hire someone without insurance and something happens there might be times you are liable for their injury and costs associated with it.


Painting can be a messy business.  Drips, spills, and paint-covered tools are the order of the day when painting for yourself. Even professionals suffer from drips but they know what precautions to take to protect your carpet and furniture.  Hiring professional painters to paint your home means that they also handle the clean up.  

Pros will cover surfaces that should not be painted using plastic and drop cloths and their experience lets them keep more paint where it belongs so spills and splatters are minimized. And when the painting is finished they clean up the area so you have a fresh new area without the mess and headache of hours of cleanup.